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To me, Yoga is inextricably tied to  being a mother.My first sacred yoga moments were the ones I shared with my first baby growing in my belly. My first pregnancy brought me to yoga, and my yoga enhances my experience as a mom. Thanks to my prenatal yoga teacher, the waves of pregnancy and delivery were embraced as naturally as I dreamed possible.



Yoga helps remind me to take breaths when things are busy, to pause when I want to react to the craziness and to steep in daily gratitude for the blessings and magic of being a mom.Yoga brings me back to my breath and reunites me with my life.It helps me navigate the storms of motherhood and to adjust the sails of my every day course.

Without yoga, I wouldn’t have found the power and grounding nature of my own breath.It would be like trying to navigate life without my mom.Without my mom, so much of who I am today just couldn’t be. She is tied to my heart the way my breath is tied to my being.


Cherish your moms this mother’s day. Honor them for the ways that they inspire and enhance your life.Near or far, birth mom or not, remember the blessing that your mom showers upon your life.




And for yourself, if you are a mom……get to yoga, find your breath and enhance the relationship you have with yourself.As you do, you will strengthen a long line of connectivity to where you have come from and where you have yet to go.

For all the moms that are, that have been and that will be,

Happy mother’s day.


Breathing Spaces

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About Guest- Elana

I am a busy mom of three boys, immersed in family life and sharing my journey with amazing family members and friends. I have been practicing yoga for over 12 years and have been teaching for 5. Yoga has been one of the greatest gifts of my life other than the people who have graced it.
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