Special Order Please!

“ Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce,special orders don’t upset us? All we ask is that you let us serve it your way.”

Remember this?

This catchy jingle was Burger King’s slogan for 40 years!

So what does this have to do with Pellatt Cornucopia gift baskets? Well……special orders don’t upset us either.

While we’re very proud of our product line, we understand that sometimes, you may want something special that isn’t (necessarily) in there. Whether you need one custom gift for a special occasion, a few dozen baskets to match a function or you would like something even more personalized for a special event, we can do it for you.

Over the years we have designed hundreds of customized baskets and i want to share some with you.

Corporate Christmas Gifts
Corporate Christmas Gifts

We are always looking for ways that our clients can leave a lasting impression, and this gift includes gourmet food with a faux leather portfolio, notebook and matching business card holder and a pen. The food will be savoured and  the sender will be rememberred everytime that their customer hands out a business card or goes to a meeting.


Bat Mitzvah Centerpieces

These gift baskets were designed as centerpieces that were donated to a food bank following the event. Instead of flowers the hosts wanted to give back to their community.


Hostess Gift
Hostess Gift

I know that when i go to a function out of town, i always feel special when there is a gift waiting for me at the hotel, especially when i do not travel by car!

Hostess gifts are great for a conference, corporate event, wedding or just to welcome a client to town.



For the past 25 years, this corporate client has always wanted to add her personal touch to her Holiday baskets so she chooses and creates her own unique combination of food to send to the three dozen important people in her life.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking or want to modify an existing basket, we are happy to help. 

We also want to “serve it your way” and make it easy to impress!






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