Out with the old and in with the new!

Its been a while since i have posted something and here is why: We moved out of our Little Italy location into new digs in Ville St Laurent. After 24 years in the same place, you can imagine this was a HUGE job!

24 years in one place, we had accumulated lots of stuff: documents, product samples, bad buys, marketing materials and so much more!

We were shredding, reminiscing, reorganizing and of course packing up.

The shredder was working on overtime as was the shredding machine!


Shredder working overtime!


Boy does it feel good to lighten the load! Along the way we discovered old marketing materials that were a real blast from our past.


Pellatt shopping  bag

Circa 1950


Our family has been in the food business for over a century. Our shopping bags were branded back then! This was pre10 digit telephone numbers, call,waiting and cascading lines!


Pellatt Cornucopia Passover gifts
Passover Mailing 2001

We even involved the forth generation in our advertising before they were old enough to object!


Pellatt COrnucopia gift baskets move
Nixa and Wendy

Our loyal and dedicated staff were working hard packing up the warehouse while they were still producing baskets for customers orders.

We were all working overtime packing up and getting the new place ready so that the transition would be smooth and we wouldn’t have to be closed to business for even a day.Pellatt Cornucopia Blog

Setting up our new warehouse

D day minus 10 days and its looking good. We were getting excited to set up our improved warehouse space.


 February 23 was the big day!


Pellat Cornucopia moving day
Moving Day

8 am:  As I drove up to 85 de Castelnau Street West for the last time and saw two moving trucks parked in front , my eyes swelled with tears. This move was now a reality!!!


PEllatt Cornucopia Blog
Nothing Left!


9:30 am: Six big movers and one and a half hours later, our warehouse was empty and one truck was full!

Pellatt COrnucopia Move
First Loaded Truck


2 pm:We are officially in our new location at 1150 Beaulac


Pellatt COrnucopia new offices
My new office

My desk is in and there is absolutely no clutter…… For now!


Pellatt Cornucopia NEW WAREHOUSE
New and Improved warehouse space

And now the work begins. The movers have left and the rest is up to us. Time to unpack and fill the shelves.

 6:20pm: After a strenuous 4 hours ,the warehouse is 85 percent set up. Enough for us to call it a day.

Pellatt Cornucopia New warehouse
Up and Running


Sunday  February 23: a day of much needed rest

The move is behind us now and we are thrilled to be in our new space.

I am happy to say that only once in the last two weeks have I headed towards our old offices in little Italy instead of our new ones in Villle St Laurent.

We would love for you to come by our new digs!

Hope to see you soon,


Cindy :)




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