Gift Baskets Montreal – Get Your Purim On!

Famed weather predicting groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, was right… we hadn’t seen the last of winter. Like that annoying house guest who’s overstayed their welcome, we have no choice but to wait until Summer’s evil twin has packed its frosty bags and left for good.

But while we’re waiting, why not eat, drink and be merry!?!

The Jewish holiday Purim (aka: a huge party!) is right around the corner, so let’s all take full advantage! Costumes, colourful masks and lavish feasts make Purim just the thing to wipe away those winter woes.

Purim costume party
Never fear! Hamantaschen man is here!


There are several traditions associated with Purim (the photo above highlights two!) Costume parties are a ridiculously fun part of the celebration. It’s like a second Halloween! My favourite holiday comes twice a year, and I didn’t even know!

Another great part of the holiday is the food. Hamantaschen cookies are a traditional Purim delight. Every family has their own secret recipe, but they are generally a shell of cookie dough filled with poppy seeds, date, nuts, etc, etc… The combinations are endless (and delicious!)

Oy! The things I’ve been missing as a Goy!

Hamantaschen Star
Image: Boker Tov


At Purim, it’s traditional to show your love for your fellow man by ┬ádonating to charities (Mattanot La-Evyonim) and giving gifts to the people in your life (Mishloach Manot). We here at Pellatt Cornucopia Gifts have combined the two to make some super practical (and massively un-grammatical) Purim packages: Mattloach La-Manonim! Give some special Purim parcels to your loved ones, and we’ll give part of the proceeds to charity!

Two birds with one…hamantaschen?

Chag Purim Sameach tout le monde!

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