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I have a life long friend, we’ll call her “Mona”, who has always had everything: all the best barbies, all the coolest video games, all the newest gadgets (in high school, I was totally jealous of her clear purple pager)… It’s great to have a super spoiled friend, cause you get to play with all their neat stuff! However, they are incredibly difficult to shop for!

Mona’s birthday was in the fall, and as per usual, I have yet to get her a gift (oops!). Since a few days prior to B Day, I’ve been breaking my head trying to figure out what to get this girl… (exaggeration, clearly)

Then, moment of moments, it hit me! I would get her an… Apron!

Don’t try to protest, the choice is made. Mona will have an apron.

I thought I was done… until I realized how many painfully cute aprons are out there!

So rather than actually make a decision, I committed to improve the world and help my fellow man by providing you with a list of some super cute Etsy aprons!

1 – Super Duper Girly

Image: Mamamadison's Etsy Store

2 – Marilyn Sails the Seven Seas (want!!)

Sailor Marilyn Apron
Image: Sugar and Spice Aprons' Etsy Store

3 – Totoro! Love this movie :)

Image: Darling Army's Etsy Store

4 – Dirty Dancing

Red Polka Dot Apron
Image: Sugar and Spice Aprons' Etsy Store

5 – Self Actualising Princess

Image: Lover Dover's Etsy Store

6 – Low-Carb Cupcakes

Cupcake Half Apron
Image: Aprons by Vittoria's Etsy Store

Or, if all these great homespun Etsy finds have put you in the DIY mood, here’s a great apron making kit!

DYI Apron Kit
Image: Under the Veil's Etsy Store

Actually, come to think of it, I just realized that Mona already has an apron…

Got any gift sugestions for the friend who has everything? While you’re at it, I also owe her a wedding gift (don’t ask from when :s)…

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