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What’s smelly and black and yellow and gross all over? Overripe bananas. Yuck!

I currently have about a dozen black bananas in my freezer waiting to be turned into banana bread (they’re going to be waiting a loooong time)

Did you know that putting your bananas in the fridge will make them go bad faster? It makes sense if you think about it. Bananas are from a tropical environment – they probably don’t love the cold.

Rotten Banana
Image: macca

This kinda makes you wonder, are we overusing our fridges? We have a tendency to come home from the grocery store and unquestioningly shove all produce into the fridge. What other foods are we ruining with this refrigeration fixation? What are our food storage alternatives?

Designer Jihyun Ryou asked herself the very same question and put some massive research into finding the answers. Smarty pants that she is, she looked into how people stored food before they had fridges. She collected a bunch of interesting tricks from across the globe and transformed the ideas into gorgeous alternative food storage modules.

Check out her super cute designs and the science behind them here.

Root vegetable storage
Keeps roots veggies nice and crispy Image: Jihyun Ryou
Fresh fruit anyone? Image: Jihyun Ryou
Tests the freshness of your eggs! Image: Jihyun Ryou
Super cute apothecary style spice rack Image: Jihyun Ryou

¬†Images courtesy of Jihyun Ryou’s super genius

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