8 Responses to Gift Baskets Montreal – Easter Bunny Search – Day 2!

  1. Maryse Boudreault says:

    -between the two bottles! Behind the loop
    -entre les deux bouteilles! Derriere la boucle

  2. Carole Forget says:

    en arrière de la boucle les pattes mauve

  3. Lori Lavallee says:

    He’s just hanging out with the “bow-tiful” baskets!

  4. Denise Smith says:

    His feet are sticking out under the bow, between the 2 bottles.

  5. Nicky says:

    Behind the big bow!

  6. Gabriel says:

    Behind the big bow

  7. Julie Paquette says:

    en arrière des pattes mauve

  8. Nathan says:

    He is behind the big bow!!!

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